Arrest made at Overton Sheepfair

ban the bombWe are sorry to report that a peaceful protest got out of hand in the village of Overton, Hampshire today. Around 2000 people were attending a traditional village Sheepfair when the protesters marched through the celebrations resulting in the arrest of a local resident.

The group, known locally as ‘ODS’ were taking part in a “ban the bomb” protest which culminated in a sit in protest in the main arena of the village event.

arrest at sheepfairOne onlooker, said; “I was enjoying watching a juggling act with my family when we heard the singing, it got louder and louder until we could see the group heading towards us along the street. There was about 30 of them and they were waving banners and placards in the air. When they got to the arena they just sat down and kept singing. That was until our local bobby PC Baldwin came along and arrested the ring leader – Jenna I think her name is”.

Protests of this kind have been familiar in this area recently. On the 18th April, 1960 tens of thousands of people gathered in Aldermaston followed by a rally of at least 60,000 protesters in Trafalgar Square.

Overton Sheepfair continues tomorrow. It is not yet known if any charges have been made.



Due to concerns about this blog post we should explain that ODS are also known as Overton Dramatic Society! They did a great job today with this surprise performance at the Sheepfair.