Dances of the Sixties

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Would you like to get yourself ready for our Swinging Sixties Sheepfair weekend?

Come along on Saturday 25th June to take part in our Swing Dance workshop which will be led by Sarah Mills. Sarah has written a great feature which will appear in our Souvenir Programme, you can read some of it here….

Dances of the Sixties

In 1960 Chubby Checker performed The Twist to a live TV audience and became a sensation. This was a solo dance which didn’t need a partner, and it changed everything on the dance floor. The Twist became a worldwide dance craze. Partner dancing fell out of favour as young women realised they were free to dance without waiting to be asked (and young men were free to retreat to the bar).

The Twist led the way for a deluge of dance fads in the Sixties. Teenage TV programmes and teen magazines promoted them and songs were written to create them. Many consisted of one simple move, repeated for the entire dance. Among the dozens of crazes were The Mashed Potato, The Shake, The Hitch Hike, and the Locomotion. Several had animal names, The Pony, The Dog and The Chicken.

To read more on Dances of the Sixties get your copy of our souvenir programme. You will also find a full schedule of events, a full list of entertainment, DISCOUNT VOUCHERS, children’s activities and much more on Overton and the Sixties.

Programmes will be on sale outside the community centre on Saturday mornings leading up to the Sheepfair (starting Sat 25th June, 10am-12pm).