Did you get it?

Yes it is official, the 2020 Sheepfair theme will be THE ROARING TWENTIES.

This was a very popular theme when we polled opinion around the village and one which the committee thought would be great fun, accessible and memorable!

Did you figure out the theme from our clues, or are you still scratching your head as to what it all meant? Well here are the clues explained….

King George V made a royal visit to Overton in 1923.

The Army Cadet drill hut was built in September 1922

Clarence Birdseye, founder of the frozen food industry in 1924.

JR Lacoste Wimbledon champion in 1925 and 1928

Portals Mill (in its original form!) was built in 1922.



FA Cup Final 1920 – Aston Villa vs Huddersfield Town.

Chanel no.5 perfume was launched in 1921

Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928