In recognition of the originators of the Overton Sheepfair

It is twenty years since the Overton Sheepfair was conceived for the new century, as a re-creation of events past. In that time it’s easy to forget those individuals who have spent a considerable amount of time putting together the Sheepfair, every four years. Many people have been involved in establishing this as a fantastic event in the Overton calendar – too many to list all the names here. Key among the small band of people who brought the new event to life were two people who have now sadly passed away – Ian Crombie and Derrick Green, both great figures in Overton life.

In recognition of the huge contribution made by Ian and Derrick, the 2020 Sheepfair Committee would like to thank them here for re-introducing the Sheepfair to the life of the village. Without these two far-seeing men, who put together the Millennium celebration with the support of their family and friends, there would be no Sheepfair today.

On behalf of the committee and Overton, thank you both. Thanks too to all the previous years’ committees and helpers, too numerous to mention – those with us today and those that sadly are not.