Sixties costume advice

quantAre you still wondering what you should wear for our Sixties Sheepfair? Basingstoke shop, Vintage Treasures  offer their Top Tips for fashion in 1960’s

In early 1960’s, with post-war rationing and austerity well behind us, London took its turn in leading the fashion pack! In 1964 American vogue even went as far as dedicating an issue to the ‘British Invasion’. Designers like Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki (Biba), Jean Muir and Laura Ashley sprung up to feed the hungry fashion conscious teens in an explosion of youth culture known as the ‘Youthquake’!

Looking back, the 1950’s had been all about embracing the feminine form, the curves, celebrating the end of war with bright colours and excesses of fabrics to make big circle skirts! But the 60’s had a very different vibe! It revolutionized dressing for the young, with a new focus on individualism and being ‘with it’. The youngsters didn’t want to dress like mum and dad!

So what was the iconic 1960’s look?

Well, like any era, elements of what had come before influenced! So the early sixties was still all about big skirts, petticoats and backcombed bouffant! But as the years progressed hem lines got shorter- the ‘Mini’ dress/skirt, colours clashed, PVC arrived and men’s trousers got tighter! As we headed towards the end of the decade, 1967 saw the ‘Summer of Love’- peace and love prevailed and the ‘Hippie’ was born! Dresses became long, floaty, hats floppy and hair free, loose and ‘non coiffed’  adorned with flowers.

Another iconic look of the 60’s, more popular with the older (mums!) women was the classic look of Jackie Kennedy! She knew how to rock the shift dress- a simple tailored dress, cut to highlight curves, often teamed with a cropped matching jacket, pearls, gloves and a pill box hat!

Who invented the ‘Mini skirt’?

The mini skirt (and then mini dress) is arguably one, if not THE, most iconic look of the 60’s. But the debate as to who invented this iconic garment still rages on! Andre Courreges, in 1964, was the first to raise the hemline with his ‘space age’, futuristic collection. But Quant took hem lines even shorter- the micro mini and it was her who undeniably popularised the mini!


So what can I wear to Overton Sheepfair?

  • The ‘Mary Quant’- don a mini skirt, acid coloured tights, go-go boots, PVC dress, style your hair in a classic short bob and make the most of your eyes with dark smoky makeup!
  • The ‘Biba’- opt for a long floaty dress, feather boa, cheese cloth and sandals
  • The ‘Jackie’ – bring out your inner style icon with a snug fitting shift dress, pearls and big oversized sunglasses.
  • For the guys- channel ‘Austin Powers’ in your velvet suit with frilly shirts. Be a ‘Mod’ with tight fitting trousers, roll necks and parka jackets. Or join the fight for peace & love becoming a ‘Hippie’ and wear grandad skirts, flares, sandals and grow a beard!
  • Going in a group? Why not each choose a character from the hit show ‘Mad Men’- set in 1960’s and dress as them! So many iconic 1960’s looks are captured by all the different characters in this show!

 If you’re still looking for your outfit for the Sheepfair, or in fact any other event this summer, pop in and chat to us- Vintage Treasures, 4 Church St, Basingstoke. Plus look out for our stall at the fair selling a range of true vintage and vintage inspired clothing & accessories!

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